Queenio (Huan Liu) has worked as an illustrator、 cartoonist and photographer across fields such as magazine、newspaper、fashion brands、advertising since 2007.

After graduated from China Academy of Art, she travelled and lived in New Zealand、 South Korea. Now she is based in China as a freelancer. She is the author of << Kia ora,New Zealand>>, a book published all over China which is a collection of comic stories about her 2 years experience in New Zealand. Her penchant for visual sensibility enable her to start up in hand-made fiber art now.

Email: queenio1987@gmail.com


Partial Client List
Make: Magazine USA / Cosmopolitan Magazine China / Elle Magazine China / CONDÉ NAST TRAVEL Magazine / Learning Media Publisher New Zealand / Camel Cigarettes / AGNONA / Club Monaco /  Volkswagen / FIEGE / Seedling Australia / FUCUS / GreenG Jewelry / Landsea / SHELL / ARON / Echo / Xiami / Youku / Manyou Magazine and so on.

Selected Awards/ Exhibition
Exhibition in Mokpo Culture and Art Centre, Seoul / Riverview Gallery, Seoul / Aotea Centre Square Hall, Auckland / House of the Hedone Gallery, Auckland / Corban Estate Art Centre, Auckland / Auckland Town Hall / 466 Newnorth Rd Kingsland Gallery, Auckland
Aniwow / Swatch Playground Originality Competition / The fourth International Games Fair in Shanghai / Hangzhou International Animation Festival.